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Art & Gifts

All Thing Christ Journal

Gid SKU#: G78223


His Grace Journal

Gid SKU#: G78209


Bigger Than Your Fear Journal

Gid SKU#: G75581


God is Good Journal

Gid SKU#: G75574


Faith Hope Love Journal

Gid SKU#: G78230


My Hope is in You Journal

Gid SKU#: G78216


Count Your Blessings Coin Purse

Gid SKU#: G75819


Great Plans Coin Purse

Gid SKU#: G75826


His Grace Coin Purse

Gid SKU#: G79794


My Hope Coin Purse

Gid SKU#: G79817


Do Not Be Anxious

Gid SKU#: CP4-13

The Lord Has Been Good

Gid SKU#: CP4-12

The Lord Is My Strength

Gid SKU#: CP4-11

Wait For The Lord

Gid SKU#: CP4-10

The Lord Is My Strength

Gid SKU#: CP4-08

For I Know The Plans

Gid SKU#: CP4-07

This Is The Day

Gid SKU#: CP4-06

The Fear Of The Lord

Gid SKU#: CP4-05

I Remain Confident

Gid SKU#: CP4-04

An Everlasting Love

Gid SKU#: CP4-02

Be Strong And Courageous

Gid SKU#: CP4-01

God is My Salvation

Gid SKU#: AP4


He has Made Everything

Gid SKU#: AP3


With Love

Gid SKU#: AP2


Because of You

Gid SKU#: AP1


The proceeds of each purchase provide people with copies of God's Word! These beautiful gifts and art prints visually extend the work of impacting lives with the gospel, and are also great gifts of encouragement to brighten homes and workspaces. Keeping a visual of God's Word will remind you of His faithfulness and promises. At the same time, more people will receive God's Word and learn about Jesus' love. Some for the very first time.